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Hi There! I’m Pearl. Welcome to Theology for Dummies. The purpose of this site is exactly as the name says. It is theology made simple and accessible for all. My goal is to create a space where folks from all walks of life – Christian and non-Christian alike – can come to get some insight and knowledge into the Bible.

I am a theological studies graduate who loves studying the Bible and loves even more to share my knowledge with others. I have been blessed in my life, in that, I have had the opportunity to study theology in an academic setting. Throughout the years, many people have expressed to me their desire to attend bible college, but because of time and perhaps finances they have not been able to do so. Well, my aim is to bring the information, tools and skills that have been taught to me in my theological studies to the wider community. So, join me as we delve into the wonderful world of Scripture and explore the Truth of God’s Word together.

author standing in front of Martin Luther's 95 Theses Door, Wittenberg, Germany
Me in front of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Door, Wittenberg, Germany

Meet the Author

My name is Pearl and I’m a Bible enthusiast. When I was a child my favourite thing to do was, not to go on a play date with my friends, or to spend the day at an amusement park, or to go shopping at the mall with my mom. No! My favourite thing to do was to go to Sunday School at Church on Sunday mornings. On Saturday evening I could barely contain my excitement. Falling asleep did not come easily to me because I would lie awake imagining all the new stories and lessons we would be exploring the following morning. Sunday morning was the one day of the week I didn’t mind waking up early.

My passion for the Bible and the Church continued throughout my childhood and into my adult years. In all the various places I have lived, I have always been involved in church ministry. With all this enthusiasm for Christian learning and ministry I naturally pursued a career…in business administration (insert perplexed face here). In university I studied to become a Chartered Accountant. I applied the same zeal and passion towards my Business Administration degree as I had always done with my Bible study. However, as the semesters rolled on my discontentment towards the courses I was taking only grew stronger. Eventually I decided to follow my true passions; I quit pursuing a career in the corporate world and enrolled in Bible College. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Worship Arts and went on to graduate school where I completed a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew).

My time in Bible College and at the theological graduate school was immensely fulfilling. My experience was even better than my Sunday School years (I know right? I never thought it possible!). This is because we delved deeper into the biblical stories. We learned about the historical background of the Bible, such as the Ancient Near Eastern world in which the children of Israel lived, as well as the 1st Century Roman Empire when the New Testament Church emerged. We not only received information, but we were taught the skills and given the tools to conduct in-depth biblical analysis, a process called exegesis. We were also trained to think theologically and canonically about the Bible.

My aim for this blog is to share my theological and exegetical insights of the Bible with my readers. I would like to extend the knowledge and skills that I have gained in the theological institutions to the wider community.

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