Read Through the Bible in One Year

I thought a good place to start in order to get a general gist of the Bible is to read through the Bible in its entirety this year. The plan we will be following is the canonical plan. This means we will follow the traditional order of books in the Bible, starting with Genesis and ending in Revelation. As we go along, I will be sharing my theological insights about the prescribed reading for the month. I’ll provide any theological and historical background information that I think would be useful and interesting to foster a better understanding of the reading.

Reading Plan

Click here to find the reading schedule for each month. Along with the reading plan, I will be uploading at least two blog articles corresponding with the material for the month. The blog articles will highlight some of the major theological and/or historical themes in the Bible. I will dig a little deeper into the text with the hope of providing a more meaningful grasp into some of the biblical accounts. My hope and prayer is that the Holy Spirit will give us insight and understanding into His Word.


The Ten Plagues: Showdown Between Israel’s God and the Gods of Egypt

One of my favourite movies is The Mummy franchise with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. I have always found ancient Egyptology...

Genesis Creation Account vs. Science

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Week 1

Jan 1: Gen 1-3
Jan 2: Gen 4-7
Jan 3: Gen 8-11
Jan 4: Gen 12-15
Jan 5: Gen 16-18
Jan 6: Gen 19-21
Jan 7: Gen 22-24

Week 2

Jan 8: Gen 25-26
Jan 9: Gen 27-29
Jan 10: Gen 30-31
Jan 11: Gen 32-34
Jan 12: Gen 35-37
Jan 13: Gen 38-40
Jan 14: Gen 41-42

Week 3

Jan 15: Gen 43-45
Jan 16: Gen 46-47
Jan 17: Gen 48-50
Jan 18: Ex 1-3
Jan 19: Ex 4-6
Jan 20: Ex 7-9
Jan 21: Ex 10-12

Week 4

Jan 22: Ex 13-15
Jan 23: Ex 16-18
Jan 24: Ex 19-21
Jan 25: Ex 22-24
Jan 26: Ex 25-27
Jan 27: Ex 28-29
Jan 28: Ex 30-32

Week 5

Jan 29: Ex 33-35
Jan 30: Ex 36-38
Jan 31: Ex 39-40
  • Progress at End of January

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